About Us
Our company is your best source for all your technology needs.

Candid Tech Solutions (CTS) is the premier choice in Southern California for all your computer and
AV equipment rental and service needs.

Founded by Casey Chehrenegar who has spent his whole profesional career in the computer rental and service business. We have the'professional expertise that allows us to offer a low flat-rate for services, the lowest rental rates, and garuantee all our services or you dont pay a thing.

We are proud to offer the absolute best in customer service, a variety of
name brand equipment to choose from, as well as the most affordable pricing.

Additionally, we are number one in client support by offering on-site and remote
assistance. The support systems available ensure that the
customer enjoys an unparalleled first class service from our professional technicians.

Due to our huge inventory of computer and AV equipment we are able to satisfy all type of orders in a fast and prompt manner.  Whether a customer requirement is for just one laptop or 100 laptops we guarantee on time delivery. We are the only one to provide pricing on our website with out having to request a quote.